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Dreams become reality

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

After the success of the away games more functions were organized at the Sporting Globe including A brilliant night as we cheered Dusty to a Brownlow; An afternoon watching a Grand Final replay after we were all held spellbound by the RTSSG Patron and official Richmond historian Bill Meaklim and a night with Konrad Marshall talking about his book "A Season With Richmond" which was stunning. So the season came to an end but my brain wouldn't stop clicking over thinking how we could build on this foundation.

Then bingo! Like a Dusty Martin "Don't Argue" it came to me...Why not really throw myself at this?! So I rang Allan Morrison from Legends and Heroes in Richmond and he and I met up and chatted about what we could do and then before you know it RTSSG Events and Memorabilia was born and we would launch it on the 8th of January!

We would not only provide the greatest array of tiger memorabilia and services but we would also host functions around the state where we would not only gather for away games as we did last year but we would also oragnise a series of functions where we would obtain the services of past and present players in an intimate setting.

So there you have it; its a thing now and its just getting started and I'm so excited with what lays ahead as we put this altogether. So dear reader enjoy the ride with us and watch us grow and hopefully we will chat about the Tigers at one of our gigs we put on! It's just perfect the way everything is working out and we are only just beginning and how will it all be put together?..... Well that's another story.....

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