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Jamie Cooper & The RTSSG!

Hear from Jamie!

About Jamie

Artist Jamie Cooper, a former professional footballer in the Australian Football League (AFL) has dedicated the past 20 years to documenting and celebrating cultural and sporting history with the respect and attention it deserves.

Since retiring from professional sport, Cooper applied the same commitment and discipline to his other great love, Art. This saw him quickly gain recognition in his home country Australia, with significant commissions under license from the Australian Football League, National Rugby League, Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Cricket Board,


Cooper is the now the driving force behind the internationally recognized “Dream Scene” concept, producing major historical artworks under license for some of the world’s largest sporting organisations.

With the eye of both an elite athlete and an artist, Jamie is able to produce unique and dynamic works that depict iconic players, moments and even, the entire history of a sporting organization His experience both on-field and in the studio enables a rare talent in revealing the stories that lie within these subjects, weaving layers into his images that take us behind the veil to connect the viewer to their own dreams and heroes.


This dual talent and experience and has been the subject of several TV, radio and print editorials over the years, gaining international recognition.

His unique ability to bring together legendary players from several eras into one magical moment in time took the U.S. market by storm with commissions for the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees and baseball Hall of Fame. Prominent U.S. collectors have also engaged Cooper’s creative skills to further entrench his reputation.

The success of these projects captured the attention of some of Europe’s global football giants, with Jamie completing works under license for Spanish mega club Real Madrid CF, English superpowers Liverpool FC and Manchester City as well as Sheffield Wednesday and Hull KR.

Through his art production company JCAP, his creative abilities have been complemented by extensive experience working within licensing structures, both domestically and internationally.

This combination of business expertise, artistic talent, strong marketing skills and commitment to the quality and integrity of the product has seen Cooper rise to become one of the most sought after Sports Artists in the world today.


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